When the soil is “in good heart” it is alive and healthy. When people are “in good heart” they are alive, healthy, and happy.

Planting flowers at Good Heart Farmstead

Planting flowers at Good Heart Farmstead

Welcome, friends, to The Good Heart Life:

A life in progress, made with sweat and muscle and gentleness and love.

A life constantly evolving amidst finished and unfinished projects, and projects yet to be started.

A life that turns with the seasons and seeds and harvests.

A life that roots into soil as it stretches to the sun—in simultaneous conversation with rock and sky.

A life tangled with the earth, growing beauty and growing joy.

This site grows out of my experience as an organic farmer, a mother, and an eater.

As the seasons turn, you’ll find gardening how-to’s, crop variety suggestions, field notes from our organic farm, and home notes from our organic family, plus a hearty mix of what it is to live a life in good heart.  From the small moments to the over-arching rhythms of the seasons, you’re invited to grow along with us.

You’ll find new posts every week, and a newsletter (with special content I only share there) every Friday.   You can sign up for The Good Heart Life Newsletter by clicking here.

about me

Kate Spring, organic farmer, mother and writerHi, I’m Kate Spring: farmer, mother, and writer.

I am co-owner of Good Heart Farmstead, L3C in Worcester, Vermont, where my husband and I grow vegetables, herbs and flowers for a CSA and local restaurants.  Our mission is to make local food more accessible to low-income Vermonters.

My mission for this site is to share my knowledge and experience as an organic farmer, mother, and steward of the land so that you may also grow a life in good heart: one that brings you more alive every day.

I love food.  I love fresh air.  I’m out to build a life of balance and nourishment.

I believe the food you eat informs your life; it propels you, sustains you, and is the first choice you make in creating and fulfilling your passion.

I find inspiration in the forest, field, and kitchen, and I follow that inspiration around with a camera, pen and paper in hand.  I believe the best meals start with garlic and oil, that there’s no such thing as too much butter, and that food grown in healthy soil really does put an extra spring in your step.

I’m so glad you’re here.  I welcome you to join me in creating a more lively, joyful world, one seed at a time.


bee pollinating organic echinacea flowers